We provide effective and sophisticated representation for commercial real estate transactions as well as for business transactions.

[image_text_row title=”IRC §1031 Exchanges” title_tag=”h2″ button_text=”” image=”98″]Over the last ten years, the firm has served as the Qualified Intermediary for more than one hundred sixty IRC §1031 tax-deferred exchanges involving over one hundred ninety Relinquished Properties and over two hundred Replacement Properties.


We have transacted business property exchanges including helicopters, aircraft, and children’s day-care assets. We have guided clients through IRC §1033 involuntary exchanges.


We have structured reverse, build-to-suit, leasehold, improvement, tenant-in-common, and a variety of other exchanges. We can balance lender, IRS, partner, seller, buyer, and client requirements to structure transactions that comply with the known issues and with the otherwise unforeseen issues.


The firm is not affiliated with any brokerage firm, investment advisory firm, bank, or title company and therefore acts as an independent and unbiased adviser.[/image_text_row]

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